Liberty Packaging Campaign for Oil-Free Intercept Technology? Anti-Corrosion Protective Packaging

Braintree, MA (PRWEB) August 09, 2011

Liberty Packaging Co. launches its multi-media marketing campaign to promote oil-free corrosion protection using the clean and safe Intercept Technology? protective packaging. Protective oils have been used in corrosion protection for decades and have been a traditional way to alleviate the problem of corrosion degradation to metal parts, components, and equipment in shipment and storage. Times are changing, American companies now need to compete abroad not only dealing with export and waste management regulations in other countries and continents,but also finding ways to lower their cost of goods in order to compete.

Intercept Technology packaging has been proven with numerous companies in many parts of the globe to give the needed protection and eliminate the need for oil placement, removal, and disposal of that solution, which has been shown to dramatically lower a company?s cost of goods. Liberty?s short ?oil-free? video series is part of the ?Intercept Virtual Trade Show? program, which aids Intercept customers and prospects on how best to utilize Intercept packaging.

Keith Donaldson, director of the worldwide Intercept Technology Group (an organization of companies dedicated to the advancement of the Intercept Technology packaging), stated in a recent interview : ?Oil is expensive, just look at the price of gasoline?why should we use a scarce resource if we don?t have to?? Donaldson continues on to outline the cost savings that companies should evaluate when eliminating protective oils:

1. Reduce oil use

2. Reduce lag time in manufacturing

3. Achieve labor savings

4. Find and eliminate product defects

Added Donaldson: ?The cost of packaging is inconsequential when compared to the costs of other resources; process time and people time?instead of looking at penny savings per item packaged, a company can look at dollars or Euros, and that is the exciting part.?

The first ?oil-free? video considers the cost savings; the second investigates the environmental benefits achieved by eliminating protective oils for corrosion protection with the use of Intercept Technology packaging.

Liberty Packaging Co., Inc. is a woman-owned small business in Massachusetts. Liberty?s primary emphasis is the Intercept Technology? line of packaging materials for companies and institutions in the eastern portion of the United States, including the U.S. government (via GSA Schedule). For 15 years, Liberty has worked closely with customers and prospects to qualify the proper packaging for their situation, whether Intercept or other types of industrial barrier packaging. For more information about Liberty Packaging and Intercept Technology materials, please call 800-776-5756, or e-mail: info at libertypackaging dot com


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