The Next Evolution In Computing

Huntsville, AL (PRWEB) August 04, 2011

Imagine having accesses to your data from anywhere, anytime. Imagine your data is safe and secure, there is no risk of having proprietary data fall into the wrong hands. Even if the device you are using is a tablet. Imagine having a brand new computer every day! Is this a dream come true? According to Layer8 Technology, a provider of integrated information and communications technology solutions and services, the answer is yes, the virtual desktop interface (VDI) is just that.

?VDI is changing the way people are thinking about computing,? says Layer8 Technology’s Program Manager, Mike Cheatham. ?There will always be a need for conventional desktop, and mobile device for specific users, but VDI has matured to the point where it demands organizations to take a hard look at what it can provide, not only in convenience and security, but cost savings.?

Research firm Gartner recently compared the TCO of personal computers versus what they term server-based computing (SBC). According to their findings, “The TCO of an SBC deployment used to deliver all applications to users is 8 percent to 13 percent lower than that of a locked and well-managed PC deployment, and up to 44 to 47 percent lower than that of an unmanaged desktop deployment.”

Virtual computing has been around for many years and has found its place in large organizations, but due to the cost of implementation and management, small to midsize organizations can not afford it. ?Through our virtuaL8 Service, we’re bringing the power of virtual computing to mid-sized companies seeking greater flexibility while reducing IT complexity and cost? says Layer8 Technology’s President and founder, George Koepplinger.

With the virtuaL8 Service you’ll never have to purchase another PC, server or Operating System license again! All you need is an Internet connection to get enterprise-class technology for your home or business, without the cost and hassle of managing IT yourself.

?Our solution addresses the growing costs and risks that small to midsize organizations face today in their computing environments . We are helping them to achieve a secured work environment at a lower cost than traditional IT environments,? said Aaron Burke – Senior Virtual Engineer, with Layer8 Technology. ?As our clients trusted technology partner, we’re committed to providing virtual solutions to our clients to enable them to work anywhere, anytime from any device, freeing them up from IT worries, so that they can focus on what matters most to them, their business.”

Capabilities in VDI include HD multimedia and work-anywhere, anytime capability. virtuaL8’s VDI, supports Virtual desktops and Virtual servers, and can be used on a wide variety of devices including iPads, plus a variety of tablets, thin clients and PCs ? broadening the spectrum of user-options, including Teleworkers. Layer8 Technology’s virtual desktop for small to midsize business brings the high cost of virtualization down to an affordable price for everyone to take advantage.


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