eHealthQuest Receives Anthem Blue Cross Premier Partner Award in First Year

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) April 06, 2011

eHealthQuest is pleased to announce that it is a recipient of the coveted Anthem Blue Cross Premier Partner award. Anthem Blue Cross is a strategic partner with eHealthQuest, one of the fastest growing online insurance brokers in America, which allows consumers to compare rates and apply online instantly. The combination of Anthem Blue Cross products and eHealthQuest consumer-focused online strategies are a perfect fit, catapulting the two companies to the top of the health insurance sales industry.

“eHealthQuest has developed a business strategy that is second to none,” said CEO, Sy Wemhaner. “With Anthem Blue Cross as a partner, we now have the resources to offer a wider range of health insurance products to a larger group of business owners and individuals. Our system allows health insurance seekers to compare these products side-by-side in a matter of seconds, helping them instantly choose the most appropriate plans by price and/or coverage options.”

The company philosophy at eHealthQuest is that everyone can benefit from assistance when considering the plethora of insurance coverage?s available to consumers and makes shopping for insurance much faster, easier and fun! With the insurance industry changing daily and the high level of uncertainty that is created by the new health care bill, eHealthQuest has created an informative website that simplifies the process and removes unnecessary barriers for shoppers. Their advisors can answer any question about coverage, changes in health care laws, available health care products, and savings devices.

“We know buying insurance can be confusing,” said CEO, Sy Wemhaner. “All of the advisors at eHealthQuest have extensive training on all Anthem Blue Cross health plans and can help educate consumers in their search. We attribute our success to the growing needs of consumers trying to find the best and most affordable prices available that will lower their monthly expenses. Consumers can compare all major carriers on one simple-to-read page using our free website tool. Then they can apply instantly online.”

eHealthQuest provides health care products to thousands of Americans and works hard every day to simplify the process and experience of purchasing insurance. They currently offer individual, group, and corporate health insurance policies and they sponsor the Health Brokers Alliance (HBA), a voluntary organization comprised of health care leaders, health care professionals, researchers and policy experts. eHealthQuest is based in San Diego, CA.

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eHealthQuest Receives Anthem Blue Cross Premier Partner Award in First Year
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