California Health Insurance Company, Sofi Insurance, Discusses the New Regulations for Reducing Health Insurance Costs

Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) July 18, 2011

Many health insurance plans in California are slated to rise without any type of regulation for the unexpected cost increases, according to California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones. A recently proposed bill is now seeking to give more power to the California Insurance Commissioner for regulating, accepting or refusing insurance rate hikes from health insurance companies. These measures will help decrease the monthly expense of insurance, as discussed by California Health Insurance company, Sofi Insurnace.

The bill, known as Assembly Bill 52, seeks to help small business owners and holders of individual or family policies in California. Authorities do not currently regulate the rising cost of health insurance and the largest insurers are able to increase premium costs without any type of justification for the rate increase. Sofi Insurance, a provider of family health insurance in California, knows of the damages these increases will have on working families.

Spokespersons from major insurance companies believe the new wave of rising costs is necessary due to the rising cost of health coverage. Many California insurance policies have already seen increases this year of up to 30% on the average. If the new price increases take effect, it will be much harder for average people to afford the cost of health insurance and people may be forced to live without health insurance plans in California.

The California Insurance Commissioner supports the proposed bill and welcomes the ability to regulate insurance rate hikes. Many additional states have already passed similar legislation and a California bill passage will help keep plans for affordable health insurance in California possible. These new policies are pushing for passage before the government healthcare requirements take place in 2013.

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