Aerisa and Bissnuss, Inc Align to Remove Odors in Waste Water Treatment Plants and Lift Stations Using Energy Savings Cold Plasma Technology

Tempe, AZ (PRWEB) July 24, 2011

PEP Aerisa has signed BissNuss Inc ( as their exclusive sales representatives for Waste Water Treatment Plants in Ohio, West Virginia, Western Pennsylvania and Northern Kentucky. BissNuss, Inc has been awarded this region represent Aerisa ( technology that removes common odors from waste water treatment plant process like Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), Ammonia as well as other odors caused by Mercaptans that often result in nuisance odor complaints from local residents. ? Cold plasma technology releases charged ions into an air space and mitigates 99% of agents in the air that impact air quality at approximately 1/6th the energy usage of traditional air cleaning solutions,? per Mark Allen Roberts, PEP Aerisa President.

The Aerisa system has been effectively installed in a number of Waste Water Treatment Plants to remove odors and nuisance odor complaints from near by communities caused by H2S, Ammonia, and Mercaptans. Effectively treating the air in headwork?s and solids buildings as well as pump stations and lift stations the Aerisa technology also produces clean, breathable indoor air environments for WWTP employees. Aerisa uses cold plasma technology to release charged ions into the air that aggressively attack agents in the air like H2S, Ammonia and Mercaptan molecules as well as Volatile organic compounds that negatively impact air quality.

BissNuss, Inc is a leading Manufacturers? Representative of process equipment for Water Treatment and Wastewater Treatment and they have served their markets for over 35 years. They specialize in municipal and industrial applications that provide reliable, proven, innovative and life cycle cost-effective solutions for municipal wastewater treatment and municipal water treatment. They represent over 50 market leading companies that provide quality process equipment.

Ken Rogozinski of BissNuss, Inc went on to say ?We are excited to be aligned with Aerisa. We have heard about their green technology and we look forward to adding Aerisa technology in our continuous commitment to finding innovative solutions that solve common problems our customer may have.?

Aerisa is in the process of identifying and recruiting market leading sales organizations in the waste water treatment market throughout North America. ?When we were searching for the best firm to represent our technology we asked local treatment plants, Civil Engineering firms, and other suppliers and BissNuss, Inc kept coming out on the top of everyone?s list.? says Roberts. ?BissNuss has the reputation of embracing new technologies to better serve the problems their customers have throughout the Mid-West and we are honored to have won their support ? says Roberts, Aerisa President.

Studies indicate 90% of odors are electro-statically connected to something in the indoor air space. Our technology aggressively seeks out and attacks those toxins and odors in the air and produces clean, breathable air. Other technologies require the indoor air to be circulated through various forms of filtering systems that can become quite costly from an energy and maintenance perspective.? Roberts went on to say. An additional benefit waste water treatment facilities enjoy with the Aerisa technology is also the reduction and often elimination of corrosion typically found in indoor air spaces.

Aerisa also has used their technology to attack cigarette smoke and odors in casinos and gaming facilities, and was chosen by LAX Airport to provide the best indoor air quality for its customers and employees.

The Aerisa engineers continue to clean indoor air spaces with its green technology that often results in less air exchanges, reducing energy consumption over traditional solutions. Their system is often 1/8th to 1/10th the cost of other odor removal systems and reduces their client?s energy consumption compared to traditional solutions.

PEP Aerisa takes a ?science of clean air? approach to solving the indoor air quality issues their customers may have. ?Our experience serving the waste water treatment plants has built a strong foundation attacking some of the most aggressive odors, and we look forward to serving more plants with BissNuss, Inc?s experience and expertise in this industry? says Roberts.

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Aerisa and Bissnuss, Inc Align to Remove Odors in Waste Water Treatment Plants and Lift Stations Using Energy Savings Cold Plasma Technology
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